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Facing East is a film that speaks to one of the most urgent needs of our day. In the fall of 2008, the Mormon Church successfully led the crusade in California to pass Proposition 8 – taking away the right of gay couples to marry, and making it crystal clear that religion presents the final frontier to be crossed in granting full rights and respect to the gay community. 

Because of its demonstrated power, the Mormon Church, among all conservative religions, presents the perfect microcosm through which to see the devastating effects of divinely sanctioned homophobia.  These teachings have caused parents to feel they must choose between loving and supporting their gay children or being faithful and obedient to the church they have given their hearts and lives to – a choice that often results in parents disowning, or distancing themselves from, their gay children. 

Faithful gay members of the Mormon Church, in an attempt to cure the sinful disorder that made them an abomination in the eyes of their God, have turned to dangerous therapies – including reparative, aversion and electric shock. Despair resulting from failure to change their sexual orientation has driven thousands to suicide.

Facing East holds up a mirror to the religious community. It is a powerful indictment, but more important, it is an invitation to everyone – gay, straight, religious or not, to cross a bridge from pain and judgment to understanding and healing.

This is your invitation to help change history.

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